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Sharing Business Essentials

We believe in a more dynamic, open and connected economy,
Bringing together supply and demand without middleman,
By giving you access to crucial information,
And direct interaction to assets’ owners.

A Resourceful Platform

We allow any entrepreneur and investor to index or search, sell or purchase business assets from the entire world. We aim at building the largest collaborative start-ups, companies and assets database ever, opening the most comprehensive marketplace of tangible assets (machines & equipments, real estate, stocks, vehicles) and intangible assets (intellectual property, patents, trademarks, designs, models, software, copyright, database, business goodwill, debt or unlisted stocks and shares).

Designed by Entrepreneurs

At each stage of a business life cycle, the lack of marketplace for all kind of business assets generates a tremendous loss of value and efficiency. We, as entrepreneurs, have experienced it. And we have decided to build this ultimate tool for entrepreneurs, investors and large corporations. Whatever your needs may be, we aim at fulfilling them through this brand new platform, providing you with innovative resources. We open the business assets' world, and you can be a part of it.

A flying start

From a visionary idea, we have built an amazing solution for the business world. From the obvious need of indexing and connecting business actors, we are gathering millions of corporate data. We have raised funds from smart investors, built a skillful and strong team. We are now focusing on our state-of-the-art product, dedicated to you. This collaborative platform brings together all business actors, creating a new way to interact each other. We truly believe this is the next big thing.

What the future brings

The release of the beta public version is expected these next weeks. However, the private beta version will soon be available for registered members. From then on, The Assets will offer you a set of analytics, services and developments in order to bring you the best for and from the liquid and dynamic economy. The Assets is a platform built around your needs. Tell us how you would improve it, the new functions you'd like to experience. We open business – join our revolution!

be a part of it!